In principle, the usage can be recommended for implementation and outsourcing projects as well as for a temporary usage.

Advantages result from the control of a simple storage and distribution centre as well as the use of mobile applications.

In addition, the use improves the usage of green logistics in the company. As another point, the cloud WMS allows to use only single modules of the WMS and has the option to expandif necessary. This functionality is currently in development.

Due to these properties, the consideration to switch to a cloud technology is especially profitable for fast growing companies, companies in volatile markets or with a lack of IT know-how. It is worth considering for companies with a focus on supply chain management and the integration of external systems.

Companies with small and medium-sized warehouse structures obtain through cloud technology a current and considerable Warehouse Management System and additionally gain flexibility. The system can be used quickly. The costs are transparent and therefore can be reduced.

Bigger companies can focus on core competencies and vary their fixed costs. They can also use saving potential and optimize IT resource management through a flexible usage.